World Water Day Celebrations

World Water Day Celebrations with School Children-2018

The theme of this year World Water Day is NATURE FOR WATER. The KCWMP has organized a seminar to enlighten the school children on water and its importance on the 22nd of March 2018 at Pushpadana Girl’s School.  The event was participated by 300 science stream Advance Level students from Pushpadana Vidyalaya, Vihara Mahadevi Vidyalaya and Hemamalie Vidyalaya in Kandy.  The Keynote address which was on “Wastewater Management” has been delivered by Dr. Shameen Jinadas, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, and University of Peredeniya.

The WORLD WATER DAY 2018 event held at Pushpadana Maha Vidyalaya auditorium, with Ms. Vijayanthi Jayasooriya, Deputy Director of Education and Dr. Shameen Jinadasa, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering lighting the traditional oil lamp along with the other invitees

Ms. Sujeewa Karunanayke, Chief Engineer, KCWMP introduces the KCWMP and benefits to schools

The objectives of the WORLD WATER DAY 2018 explained by Mr. Ananda Dissanayake, Sociologist, KCWMP.

An interactive presentation by Dr. Shameen Jinadasa on “Wastewater, Wastewater Treatment & Environment”

Participated school children of Pushpadana,, Hemamali and Vihara Mahadevi gill’s schools

Dance & Musical item on ‘Water and Nature” presented by the students of Pushpadana Vidyalaya

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