What is a Property Connection

What is a Property Connection


  • Grey water: Wastewater discharged from domestic kitchen drains, washbasins, bathtubs and showers.
  • Black water: Wastewater that comes from toilets.

Inside a property, Grey water and Black water are collected by wastewater pipe line & directed to the IC Chamber. Depending on the location of bathroom & kitchen sewer pipes and no of manholes will be needed.

Storm water and rainwater from roof shall not be connected to the wastewater network.


What is an Interceptor Chamber (IC)?

The IC is a shallow concrete chamber specially designed with a water seal & cleanout and that connects wastewater from a house to the Main Sewer Network.


The IC is located on each property and defines the change of ownership from sewer maintenance authority (KMC) to Property Owner. Kandy Municipal Council owns the IC and the Sewer Network (downstream of the IC). The Property Owner is responsible for maintaining the Property Connection Sewer (upstream of the IC) in accordance with municipal regulations.

  • Sewer Network consists of Service connection sewers, Branch sewers, Trunk sewers, Force mains, Manholes, Service connection pits, Manhole pumping stations and Treatment plant.


What is your responsibility as a Property Owner?

Around Rs.300, 000.00 connection cost is spent to lay the pipes and connecting to the IC. So your responsibility is to give maximum support to the contractors who are going to do the construction on behalf of NWSDB and also ensure proper practices during operation.

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