Project approach & strategy

The KCWMP is a partnership in character considering the co-financing arrangement by the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and the Government of Japan (GoJ), the inclusion of community participation, and the particular project implementation approach and arrangements including private sector participation.

For a period of three years after commissioning, the system operation and maintenance will be shared responsibility between the NWSDB and KMC. Thereafter, the network of service connections and the manhole pump stations will be handed over for free to the KMC for operation and maintenance. In this sense KCWMP is also an intervention by the GOSL to strengthen local government and governance system.

The project implementation approach signals somewhat of a departure from the conventional development management and administration by the Centre in wastewater management project implementation. The NWSDB responded to the demand for providing expertise to construct wastewater management systems, thus assuming the responsibility as the implementing agency for overall coordination of constructions organized into four ‘Packages.’ It has also devised mechanisms to involve multi-stakeholders in monitoring and coordination. Whereas outsourcing the construction programme through due process to private agencies is common, an important novel feature is the institutional arrangements allowing community to participate the monitoring of potential social issues and commissioning of a Public Relations Campaign (PRC) which is a revision due to the contextual factors. This mechanism is expected to carry out public awareness activities to support the construction of a centralized sewerage system and household connections that, in the absence of complete information, could trigger spontaneous and organized protests from the public that will have serious consequences for the implementation of the planned activities of the project. In fact, the earlier plan could not be implemented due to public outcry. The PRC serves to create conducive environment for project implementation via information, education, communication and training of project staff and public help desk.

Construction Packages

Component 1: Wastewater Treatment Plant, Main Pump House, Treated Effluent Disposal System and Sludge Drying Beds, and Supply of Operation and maintenance equipment

Component 2: Trunk Sewer, Branch Sewer, and Service Connections, Manhole Pump Stations, and supply of Operation and Maintenance Equipment

Component 3: House Connections, Testing and Commissioning

Component 4: Providing Sanitation Facilities for Low Income Areas