Overall Benefits

KCWMP offers many physical, socioeconomic and environmental benefits, directly and indirectly:

Direct Benefits

  • Hassel-free, safe and efficient transmission of wastewater from households and other premises to a centralized system of modern standards
  • Increased availability of prime land for development purposes due to the land at present used for the construction of toilet pits that are no longer needed
  • Improved quality of life within the premises due to the elimination of breeding grounds of insects such as mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches
  • Increased savings and reduced inconveniences due to the riddance of need to access Municipal Gully Bowser Service
  • Improved public health and sanitation standards of the densely populated low income hamlets
  • Increased land and property value
  • Free of charge household connections, valued at Rs. 125,000 each (approximately)

Indirect Benefits

  • Reinforced dignity and self-worth as citizens of Kandy City, contributed to by improved quality of life due to improved wastewater management
  • Improved income arising from catering to increased number of foreign and local tourist arrivals attracted to experience aesthetically pleasing Kandy City
  • Reduced private and public medical expenses due to improved health conditions in a Clean and Healthy City
  • Enhanced sense of civic and personal responsibility to maintain cleanliness in the surroundings
  • Reduced threats to life and property due to safety and environmental improvement occurring as a result of elimination of threats such as landslides caused by direct discharge of untreated waste water into the environment
  • Reduced levels of soil and ground water contamination and improved ground water quality and land stabilization
  • Improved quality of raw water extracted from Getambe, Polgolla-Gohagoda water sources and reduced cost of effluent treatment and water purification for drinking purposes
  • Public accessibility to new dedicated unit within KMC to obtain wastewater management services
  • Empowered KMC capable of operation and maintenance of wastewater transmission network, service connections and small pump stations