Property connection


Contractor: squire mech Logo Squire Mech Engineering (pvt) Ltd
Contract Cost: LKR 2,867,113,728.07
Start Date: 5th July 2016
Finish Date: 04th June 2021

The contract package number 03, involves the design and construction of 11,500 property sewers (Sanitary drain and Greywater drains) and connection of them to IC constructed by Package number 02.

Typical property connection layout


Domestic 9147 (75.3%)
Non Domestic 2997 (24.7%)
Total 12144

Man Halls

Manhole Type Number
Interceptor Chambers 12,600
Service pits, Rider main MH and Intermediate MH 8,300
Branch, Trunk Manholes 3,840
Manhole pump Stations 12