School Health & Hygiene Education (H&HE) Program

School H&HE program is one of the main focus areas of the PR campaign of the KCWMP.  It is expected to change the behavioral patterns of younger generation in health, hygiene and environmental sanitation and contribute to the KCWMP goal “to make Kandy a Salubrious city”.  The KCWMP provides its wastewater management services to 31 schools in Kandy city and the majority of them are large schools (colleges) attended by the children outside the project areas and/or children of well-to-do residents in the Kandy city.  However, 11 schools out of these are smaller schools attended by children of disadvantaged families who live in densely populated areas.  The school H&HE program aims to improve the behavior of children of these 11 schools on Health Hygiene and Environment issues including their responsibilities for the O&M of the facilities provided to their schools by the KCWMP.

School H&HE Program – Objectives

  1. Increase awareness among school children on good health and hygiene practices so that they will actively contribute to the KCWMP project theme “Make Kandy a Cleaner and Healthier City”.
  2. Enable School children to become a strong influence on their families and immediate neighbors to adapt good health practices.
  3. Prevent disruptive actions toward the O&M of the wastewater management system installed in schools by changing attitude of the school children who are the second generation.

Implementation Strategy of School H&HE Program

The program is implemented in close collaboration with the Provincial Education Department. Two teachers from each school were selected to be Trainers of the program. Training of Trainers workshop was conducted by the KCWMP and reshaped the program to suit the school environment. The program was two folds (i) conduct teacher-student interactive H&HE session in each class room using Flash Cards (ii) encourage school children to present their feeling on health, sanitation and environment issues they face in their day to day life through drawings, poems, articles or essays in a creative manner in a large Story Board supplied by the KCWMP for each school. The best creation from each school will be selected quarterly and rewarded as an encouragement for children.