PR Activities

Public Relation Campaign

Public Relations Campaign (PRC) is a special component of KCWMP has been included with the main objective to Create Awareness among city dwellers and migrant population at large on project benefits in order to prevent any spontaneous objections to the project and obtain their support in all stages of project implementation. To achieve the project objectives

Specific Objectives of Public Relation Campaign

The specific objectives of the PR campaign will be to;

  • Make all city dwellers aware on the importance and essential of waste water management system for Kandy city to ad
  • Dress and solve all prevailing waste water relatesd problems and its impact on public health, environment and economy.
  • Keep city dwellers and migrant populations informed on the project objectives and benefits received to Kandy city and people due to wastewater project
  • Disseminate the information of the project and other activities to make general public aware on activities carried out during all stages of construction phase
  • Make school children aware on good health habits and practices and convey the message of wastewater management project to their parents and neighbourhood
  • Promote good hygienic practices in low income communities through health & sanitation education and aware on benefit they received from the KCWMP
  • Motivate residents/ Beneficiaries to connect their wastewater to the sewer system rather than continue to use septic tanks
  • Create awareness to communities to be vigilant on any components of sewer system located in close vicinity especially dropping of prohibited item into sewer lines and damaging of control units
  • Minimize the disruption to traffic and other aspects of community during construction by disseminating the information of the project.

Activities of PR Campaign

Public Relation Campaign has five main themes in which each theme comprise number of sub activities to achieve main objective of PR campaign.

All the activities are focus on setting up of climate to carryout construction work without any inconvenience to community and implementing agencies.

Public Relations For Climate Setting