Kandy City Wastewater Management Project

Kandy City Wastewater Management Project (KCWMP) is directed towards the solution of the Kandy City Wastewater issue. KCWMP is implemented with the support of JICA based on the Revised Feasibility Report of 2002. The Project will provide a wastewater collection system to the central part of the Kandy City where the population density is high. This area is 773 ha of land and the population in year 2012 is 102,459 while the daily migrant population is approximately 150,000 The collected wastewater will be treated at a Treatment Plant of capacity 14,000 m3/day at Gonnoruwa, the Main Pumping Station at Getambe and the Solid Sludge Disposal at Gohagoda, all of which will be significant new constructions.

The KCWMP is a 100% grant to the Kandy Municipal Council (KMC). As per MOU between NWS&DB & KMC the project will be operated and maintained jointly by NWS&DB & KMC during the first 3 years after commissioning and at the end of this period NWS&DB will handover entire assets and liabilities of the project to KMC.